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SizeGenetics Review Plus All Penis Extenders Fully Compared

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Traction Extender Commonly Asked Questions

Below are some for frequently asked questions about traction devices (extender).

What Is The Penis Traction Device?

Penis traction device also known as extender is specially designed by certified medical professional to apply consistent pressure, known as traction to your penis in order to permanently lengthen and enlarge your penis.

It will fits comfortably on your penis and the distance between your penis and traction can be adjusted on the calibrated bars when your penis becomes bigger.

The device can also be worn discreetly under your clothes during sleep. Experts has recommended that the most efficient way to increase penis size quickly is to combine penis exercises along with a traction device.

How Does Extender Work?

The devices fit comfortably at the either side of your penis. It applies gentle pressure and stretches your penis gradually. The stretching triggers new growth in the number of cells in your penis and with continue usage, the growth in the number of cells could be as high as millions, thus significantly increases your penis size.

Is Extender A Medically Approved Technique?

Absolutely and there is no doubt about it. Traction has been well-documented and has been used to help with healing after injury, trauma, burns and surgery. In simple term, traction means increasing tissue growth by gradually apply stretching and then allowing the body to rebuild those tissues naturally.

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Traction has been use in multiple medical applications like mastectomy patients who needs expansion of the skin and muscle in their chest before the reconstructive operation, penis enlargement surgery patients who use it to strengthen, heal and straighten the penis after operation and burn victims who use traction to create skin grafts by stretching an area of tissue before the operation.

Is Extender Safe?

Yes, provided it is used as directed. They are some men who cause themselves discomfort or harm by over-using it, thinking that "the more pressure apply to the penis, the better it will be" or "no pain means no gain" These thinking are wrong.

Traction device does work but following the instruction provided is important. When you use your traction device, it will produce no more than mild discomfort and will fit comfortably with no tight grips, sharp edges and excessive pressure. They are no side effect reported.

How Often Do I Have To Use The Extender And For How Long?

Results are directly proportion to the duration of time, total traction pressure and commitment. According to a recent clinical study, me who used the device for at least eight to ten hours daily for duration of about 3 to 6 months, show measurable penis growth.

Most men prefer to use their penis traction device into their existing schedule either during office hour provided it is non-physical jobs and even during relaxation and sleeping time.

What Is The Main Reason Why Extenders Have Become So Popular Recently?

Traction device has been around for a few years but only recently it started to gain a lot of popularity. This phenomenon is much similar like the experience of music groups who finally gets famous after gigging around and performing for 5 or more years.

Maybe because it will take some time for the music to catch and start to spread like wildfires. Due to the many great success of many men worldwide who use traction devices produces amazing results. It becomes popular very quickly because it is proven to work and most importantly it is affordable.

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