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SizeGenetics Review Plus All Penis Extenders Fully Compared

Best Penis Enlargement Devices Revealed!

The Penis Dialogues: Penis Extender vs Penis Surgery

Most men would never admit it that they do search for information about penis enlargement. I believe, most of us have probably have given some though to penile enlargement methods to increase the penis girth and length, maybe because of curiosity, embarrassment or self-consciousness.

If you do, most likely you have come across information about penis enlargement by surgeries.

In 1980s, Chinese surgeon Long Daochao developed the first surgical procedure to lengthen the penis. To make penis length longer, the surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the body.

This allows the penis to drop down and forward. A longer penis becomes a reality when the portion of the penis that usually held inside the body cavity will stretch forward and become longer.

To add girth to the penis, the surgeon harvest fat cells from body, mostly from legs or the buttocks and inject these excess fats into the penis to create a thicker shaft.

The outcomes of most penis enlargement surgeries were usually disastrous and those who had the surgeries will render impotent or disfigured.

Men often reported penis sizes becoming freakishly shaped, raw, red, swollen an in worst scenarios, terminally limp penises after surgery about few months time. The worst thing is that they have to pay more money to get it fixed and sometimes it is not possible and they have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

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Penis lengthening surgery cuts the suspensory ligament so it is no longer anchored to the public bone and create side effects known as "floating loose. Although the penis does not cause any problems when flaccid but when the penis is erect, problems will arise.

The erect penis will slip and shift around during sexual contact and the erections may point downwards because the suspensory ligament cannot hold it properly.

The fat-injection procedure can create problems too. Results may be lumpy, asymmetrical and unappealing. When the fat is injected, it can migrate unpredictably. When the fats gather at the center of the shaft, it will create a weird and football-shaped.

The penis can also appear as blobby and irregularly shaped when the fat randomly lumps up. Penis enlargement surgery is very expensive and can run an average of US$8000 or more.

In recent years, instead of being forced to choose risky surgery that will causes more complications and other risky enlargements like using weights, pumps, etc, men can now choose to use penis traction device to enlarge penis safely, effectively, affordably and most important medical studies has found that it does works safely to enlarge penis, enhance virility and performance.

Traction devices use the principles of cell mitosis. It is the process whereby new cells are created and create larger tissue. The traction device puts a gentle pressure on the penis and pull cells apart. With gradual stretching, it will significantly add size and tissue to your penis and thus results in larger penis.

This groundbreaking device will help you achieve a larger and thicker penis without potentially damaging and expensive surgery. And experts recommend that to get quick results in penis enlargement, they should combined penis exercises with penis traction devices.

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