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SizeGenetics Review Plus All Penis Extenders Fully Compared

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Penile Curvature And Penis Devices,
In Relation To Male Enhancement

Most men have a problem with their penis. They encounter a slight curve or sideways "hang" to the penis.

The erect penis may bend in a "U" or "J" shape. It may also have a series of bends that create the appearance of an almost corkscrew. This makes the penis looks awful and affects one's self esteem. If you are suffering from it, you are not alone.

About 400 men in every 100,000 are suffering from this condition of severely bent or curved erect penis, so serious that sex between both partners is completely impossible as it is too painful to bear.

In worst scenarios, the internal tissues of the penis will turns to scar tissue. In the medical community, the bending of the penis is referred to as Peyronie's Disease.

It is also called fibrous caverositis as a description of the condition whereby the fibrous scar tissue builds up in the layers of the cavernosa.

French physician named Francois de la Peyronie was the first to discovered the disease when he found out that the scar tissue in the penis resulting in bending of the penis.

The scar tissue is inflexible and hard and eventually causes the penis to bend when erect.

When the penis bends upward, it is due to a plaque on the top of the shaft and when it bends downward, it is due to a plaque on the underside. In a few cases, the plague develops on both ends, leading to shortening and indentation of the penis. The curvature can sometimes be very painful but the plaque is not cancerous.

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Unlike hypospadias, which is an accident at birth, Peyroie's disease is only acquired during adult life and most reported cases are from men aged 40 to 60 ranges. Peyroie's disease can happen so fast and without any reason.

A man may finds his erect penis bent over one morning when he wakes up. The important things is instead of feeling depressed or gets negative, one should seek out for solutions to overcome it as this is the only way out.

Nowadays, the most effective, successful and well-documented self-treatment for overcoming bend erect penis is to use penis traction device and combining it with a course of Vitamin E therapy.

The traction device works by gently applying consistent pressure to the penis to counteract the hardening of scar tissue and then gradually straighten your penis. The traction device is convenience and can be wears discreetly under clothing, even when you are working provided it is a desk job).

The benefits of using traction device are numerous, low cost as compared to surgery, no side effect, safe, the advantage of at-home treatment without feeling privacy or problems being exposed, invasive risks of surgery, solves your penis size quickly and many more.

Research shows that patients who has penis curvature and uses the traction devices produce amazing results. Curvature improvements were observed in between 50% to 90% of all patients studied.

Now, Peyroie's disease can be cured without the need for any expensive surgical procedure, complications and risks due to post-operative retraction.

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