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SizeGenetics Review Plus All Penis Extenders Fully Compared

SizeGenetics System Has The Solution For You!

If this is your first time trying to enlarge your penis, don't worry because you are not alone. We know you are serious about achieving your goal and that is why you are here seeking for the best penis enlargement solution. We salute you for your bravery to face it directly and taking action to solve it. The action you take now will benefit both you and your partner in the future. To motivate yourself, always remember that you are doing this not for the benefits of yourself but your love one as well.

From our researches, we found out that there isn't a single enlargement system on the market that comes close to what SizeGenetics System offer, excellent results, proven track record, outstanding customer support, ease of use and many more. There are other extenders available, but none use the same method OR the combination of clinically tested SizeGenetics system to help you achieve your penis size quickly, effectively and efficiently.

A System That Does The "Complete Job"

What Results/Benefits Can I
Achieve With SizeGenetics System?

Increased Penis Size In Both Length And Girth – Increase your penis girth and length by up 3 inches permanently and safely with no side effects. Reliable sources revealed that 2 to 3 inches in penis length is guaranteed. Develop a truly "muscular" looking penis that will impress, arouse your lover and give your partner MORE pleasure!

Control Your Orgasms* - Better ejaculation control! End premature ejaculation forever! No more mood-killing premature ejaculation. Last as long as you want without harmful drugs.

Enhanced Confidence And Self-Esteem - Improve your confidence that leads to improvement in sexual performance during sex and no more being teased or laughed at in the gym changing rooms.

Stronger, Harder And Longer Erections - Experience longer, harder, stronger and powerful erections when aroused. Make EVERY erection you ever have as hard as STEEL! More Intense Orgasms!

Double Sex Drive And Stamina - Give her the complete satisfaction she deserve. Longer-enduring sexual performance!

Straightening Of The Penis - No more discomfort for yourself or your partner during sex. Straightening and toning effect on the sexual glands. (Medical  studies shown SizeGenetics extender can correct up to 70% in penile deviations or curvatures.)

And Many More...

* all these can be achieved with the penis exercise program included in the package

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Why SizeGenetics System Is Voted #1?

There are many reasons but below we list the top 12 reasons.

Reason #1 - Customer Endorsed Penis Enlargement 

One of your number one priorities when looking to purchase a penis enlargement system is the speed and effectiveness of results. Thousands of men have tried SizeGenetics System and are impressed with what SizeGenetics System offer.

You are here because you want to take action to achieve a bigger and longer penis, so results means a lot to you! Reasons #2 - #12 highlight why the SizeGenetics System is the best choice for those who are serious about enlarging their penis by up to 3 inches permanently.

Reason #2 - Fast, Effective And Guarantee Results

With so many years of experience in the field of penis enhancement, they know that you the consumer want an effective and fast product to help you enlarge your penis.

That is why they find the best solution and combine a variety of penis enlargement methods for best and quickest  results. Thousands of satisfied clients have found this to be the case with SizeGenetics System.

With months thousands of men have found the following benefits shown below.

  • Increased penis size in both length and girth

  • Control your orgasms*

  • Enhanced confidence and self-esteem

  • Stronger, harder and longer erections

  • Double sex drive and stamina

  • Straightening of the penis

  • And many more

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Clinical Study On Penis Enlargement

SizeGenetics has been tested and studied to make sure it is safe and effective for use. Each individual patient were tested over a period of 24 weeks time span using SizeGenetics. The following chart revealed their recorded results. Researcher saw an average increase close to 30% in penis length.

Clinical Study On Curvature Correction

Study Guidelines
As many as 8 patients (age 58.5 +- 5.3 years) suffering from Peyronie’s disease, who remained unchanged during the latest period of three months and saw penile curvature while erection, were put under the influence of mechanical penis stretcher, which happens to be a traction device from SizeGenetics. The results showed that none of them later complained about any erectile dysfunction as per the IIEF test or penile pain. 

Intracavernous injections of PgE1 5-15 mg were given to the subjects for full erection (assessed by palpation as well as Inflection Rigidometry). Duplexsonography was used for the cross-scanning of tunica albuginea, Kelami’s projections were used for photographs of erect penis, the length and diameter was measured on a daily basis after the home application (done for four hours each day on the least) for a total period of 3-6 months. 

The patients were put for individual follow-up examinations after a phase of 3 and six months. Currently, all these patients are past the 3-month follow up, while 2 of them have completed the 6-month follow up. 

Study Outcomes
Tunica Highest Thickness (Before): 1.8+-0.6mm 
Tunica Highest Thickness (After) : 1.6+-0.3mm

Septum Lateo-lateral Maximum thickness (Before): 2.2+_0.7mm
Septum Lateo-lateral Maximum thickness (After): 1.8+-0.8mm

The length of the penis, when dorsally measured from meatus to penopubic angle, was 100.5+-27.3mm before and 104.6+-22.2mm after. The photographs suggested that the PEC decreased from 34.1+ -4.9 before to 20.0+-12.2 after PS.

This treatment was well tolerated among all the subjects with no cases of severe complications or dropouts. It is evident from the results that there is a promising future for SizeGenetics Extender for patients suffering from Peyronie who are affected with penile curvature but no erectile dysfunction.

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Reason #3 - Value For Your Money And Time

No one wants to throw away their precious money on something useless or waste time on products that do not work, do they? We know how you feel; many men have felt the same. But they all found that SizeGenetics System is not only effective but great value for their money and time. With the combination of variety of penis enlargement methods, the time to achieve the penis size you desire will be cut in half.

The quality of SizeGenetics System is in our view exceptional. Medical professionals and independent consumer review sites agree that there is no system like what SizeGenetics System offers. SizeGenetics is nominated #1 by users, review sites, medical professionals for its "effectiveness, quick results and system quality."

For the same price that their competitors offer only the traction device, SizeGenetics System provides you with combination of penis enlargement methods, outstanding customer support, 6 months money back guarantee, free shipping and free bonuses. Getting the results you want is important but the money and time you spent is equally vital as well.

Reason #4 - Fair And Legal Billing Practices

Be careful of companies that take your credit card and keep charging you monthly, hoping you will never noticed the charges. When making an online order, always ensure you know the company behind the product. According to reliable sources and feedback from clients themselves revealed the reputation of SizeGenetics is outstanding. SizeGenetics outstanding reputation and number one ratings should assure you and give you peace of mind. It is against their policy to overcharge or rebill customer credit cards. What you order is what you get.

They provide a clear ordering system so you will know exactly what you are spending and how much you have spent. I believe you don't want any distraction while you are working towards your enlargement goal, right? So it is important you choose a reputable company in the first place and SizeGenetics is a reputable company trusted by thousands of men worldwide.

Reason #5 - Complete Penis Enlargement System

The penis enlargement program from SizeGenetics System is UNIQUE and DIFFERENT! They aim to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to ensure the success of your enlargement by combining the most powerful enlargement methods to give you the most effective, fastest treatment on the market.

They give you everything in one massive solution by combining doctor endorsed, award winning #1 Penis Health exercise program, clinical proven SizeGenetics extender and other great stuffs to enlarge your penis and enhance your sexual life. Their extender is used by hospital worldwide for the treatment of small penis. SizeGenetics products are endorsed by doctors. With vareity of enlargement methods that SizeGenetics System offer, it will drive you towards the thick, long penis you desire quickly. At the same time, enhancing your overall sexual wellbeings.

Combining various penis enlargement methods is without a doubt more rewarding than using just one method. There are various components that they has included. Now, we focus on the two popular ones.

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Introduction To Some Of Their Popular Products

Penis Health Exercise Program

Penis Health exercise program is accredited with the ISA award for exceptional support and customer service. They are the only exercise website to provide independently tested and doctor recommended penis enlargement program. Their full time of researchers and personal trainers are continuously researching on new exercise technique.

At Penis Health, all exercises come complete with video and written demonstrations to take you through each exercises step by step. Any penis exercise program that does not show you exactly how to do the exercises is not doing their jobs properly. The Penis Health exercise program offers more than 34 award winning techniques, 100+ demonstration videos, and over 200 step by step photos to help you achieve a bigger and longer penis, improving the health of your penis, control your ejaculation so you can last longer and many more

You can also gain exclusive access to their Penis Health members-only forum, where members can share or trades advices and experiences and learn from each others. It is a fantastic motivational tool where users can support each other through the program.

Good News For You!

Now they offer their full exercise program on a DVD which consists of the following:

  • All 34 Penis Health exercises in full screen 

  • Detailed narration on every exercise

  • 9 Recommended routines

  • Easy classification of exercises into length, girth or sexual health

  • An A-Z selection screen for easy access to specific exercises

  • Comprehensive guides on measuring the penis

  • Thumbnail previews so you always select the right exercise 

  • High quality packaging to keep the disc in top condition

  • And Many More...

With this DVD, now you don't have to worry about slow internet connection and can access their full exercise program anywhere globally. Normally they would charge for this DVD, but now they are giving it away free which is really generous of them. It Will Help You Achieve:

  • Extreme sexual performance!

  • Increase your penis length and girth!

  • Eliminate or prevent premature ejaculation

  • Increased sexual technique and performance

  • A thicker, more muscular penis

  • And more benefits…

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SizeGenetics Traction Device

SizeGenetics extender is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device and holds the European Health Certification (CE). When in use, it will not cause any side effects or pain. It is easy to use, fits every penis size and can be worn while going for a walk, sitting down or standing. The extender is the only device that has the highest backing from renowned doctors worldwide. Their extender is used by hospital worldwide for the treatment of small penis. Numerous medical studies confirmed that the extender is effective in enlarging penis by up to 3 inches and correct curvature penis by up to 70%. It Will Help You Achieve:

  • Correction of up to 70% in penile deviations or curvatures.

  • Increase confidence and performance

  • Lengthening of the penis by up to 3 inches

  • Thickening of the penis by up to 3 inches

  • And more benefits...

Will SizeGenetics Be Comfortable To Wear?

If you have tried using a penis extender device before then you would understand how comfort play a role in choosing the right product. Because users need to wear the device for extended number of house in a day, a poorly designed device can lead to pain and terrible abrasions. Most devices in the market can offer one angle or direction in wearing their device. If a user finds it uncomfortable to do so, he might not be able to wear the device long enough to get the best results. SizeGenetics understand all these concerns which is why it has designed their penis extender device with a comfort strap which allows users to adjust the device in 58 different ways.

But even with a strap, penis extenders cannot guarantee 100% pain-free use for all men and this is why a few devices have included Comfort Technology in their designs. Compared to other penis extender devices in the market today that offer up to 4 different ways to wear their devices, SizeGenetics has pushed the limits of comfort and offers 58 ways. The secret in doing this are the silicon noose, comfort strap, protection pad, fabric covered latex head grip and non-slip protech matt strap that comes with the system. Therefore no matter what size, shape, angle and level of sensitivity a man has, there will never be any kind of discomfort when wearing SizeGenetics.

Finally, SizeGenetics has multi-directional angling which allows even a better and more comfortable way of wearing the device. Users can set the SizeGenetics device in a particular angle and use the Revita Cream and Traction Plus Powder that is included in the order. 

Reason #6 - A Reputable Company With Excellent Support

Ever found that the web can be an anonymous place where no one can be trusted? Some companies remain anonymous on the web but SizeGenetics System is proud to be different. They have a properly fully trained customer support team and you can even visit their real business addresses. You can be assured that they can help you with any of your questions and provide you with the best customer support and care. Why would you trust ordering from an anonymous company when there is no way to contact them? Never waste your time and money on those companies? Below are some of their customer support team leaders.





Contact Them By Phone, Email And Snail Mail 24 Hours A day

PenisHealth Members Forum

Other than those supports shown above, you will also receive access to their award-winning PenisHealth members forum, the forum has over 40,000 members, men like you who are looking to increase their penis size. The forum is a huge asset to you and the guidance and support from other members can help with your penis enlargement. 

Yes, achieving your penis goal is important but if you don't have an excellent customer service to assist you and give your proper guidance around the clock, I believe it is an unfair advantage to you if you are totally new to enlargement. You need someone who can answer your questions promptly and guide you along the way and SizeGenetics Customer service does all that  According to reliable sources, their customer support is outstanding.

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Reason #7 - A Massive 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

Some companies will splash all over their websites "Full Money Back Guarantee" and then required you to use the penis enlargement product for maybe 30 to 60 days and then return them immediately by day 67 or you will not be refund. This show they are not confident with what they sell. Why should you buy from them when they are not even confident with their product?

Are they safe? Are they a good value for your money and time? Are you sure you want to waste your precious time on them? The guarantee offer with the SizeGenetics System, is fair for both parties. If you try the SizeGenetics System as directed and you cannot see any results, you have not one month or two but a risk free, full 6 months to return the product for a refund (they will happily refund ALL of your money (minus shipping costs).

This is the best guarantee you will find anywhere! Why can they offer this amazing guarantee? It is because of their dedication to you and their quality products. They are very confident with their products since the system was  created by medical professionals and has been tested before its release to the market. They are among the the first penis enlargement company to offer medically backed enlargement system to make sure you will achieve a bigger penis. Many clients have change their lives with their products and so can you.

Reason #8 - Medical Endorsements

All products SizeGenetics System offer are effective that they have medical community endorsements from prestigious American and international doctors, you can rest assured their penis enlargement system that they offer is designed to add inches to your penis size. Dr. Jorn Ege Siana and M.D., Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen M.D. are just some of the doctor backing SizeGenetics.

Reason #9 - Real Customer Testimonials

The testimonials on their site are 100% real and unedited, they take the original testimonials and publish it intact with no corrections or alterations, even to spelling or grammar. This is the only way to be sure of total transparency.

Reason #10 - Efficient Delivery System + 100% Free Shipping

While other penis enlargement companies will charge you additional for shipping, you can rest assured that SizeGenetics System will NEVER charge you any shipping fees on any order if you shipped by Royal Mail.. With shipment fulfillment centers in the United States of America, United Kingdom and Europe, they are in the best position to offer you efficient and quick delivery.

All orders are shipped quickly (most on the same day of your order!), from the fulfillment centre – wherever is closer to you! Their complete male enhancement system is available worldwide. This is important because the sooner you receive the product, the faster you can start working towards your enlargement dream.

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Reason #11 - Enhanced Security And Discretion

Discreet Billing And Packaging - All orders are shipped in plain box with no dedication of what is inside it. Your credit card bill will read MC LATIVIO LLP. They understand your privacy is very important and they are the only entity with knowledge of your purchase. 

The Privacy Commitment - They understand that hesitation and uncertainty can be an issue when ordering items on the web. That is why they are devoted to your privacy and it is their #1 priority. They will never lease or sell your information you give. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. They always seek to comply by the Data Protection Act of 1998 whereby they never give, sold, or leased any private information of their clients to anyone outside their processing network. Your credit card information is removed from their records immediately once your order has been successfully processed. Their system goes through regular security assessments and the team at the system administrating company work very hard to ensure everything is secure. 

Reason #11 - Free Quality Bonuses

From our years of observation, SizeGenetics always goes beyond what other enlargement sites provide by giving you the highest quality, medically backed products, solid guarantee, enhanced security and many more. But they never stop there, they also include free bonuses regardless of whether you are purchasing their standalone device or their whole system. These are some of the free bonuses that you will receive if you order today.

Exclusive Bonus 1 - Seduction Secrets Ebook

Gain access to this awesome ebook that provides you with the following tips and tricks.

  • How To Find Out What You Are Really Looking For In A Woman

  • The Best Places To Find And Meet Single Women 

  • How To Approach And Talk To Women

  • How To Go In For The Kill And Reach 'That' Goal

  • How To Get Past The Boyfriend Problem'

Exclusive Bonus 2 - Better Fitness Ebook

Gain access to this excellent guide to getting into shape and improve your fitness. This ebook will guide you to:

  • Abdominal Guide - Get That Washboard Stomach The Ladies Love

  • Chest And Back

  • The Shoulders

  • The Arm and Leg Muscles

  • Going from Skinny to Muscular

Real Photo Snapshots Of Penis Health Exercise Program

Note: Due to server restriction, we have to blur those exposing penis parts.

Real Snapshots Of Videos Provided By Penis Health

Note: Due to server restriction, we have to blur those exposing penis parts. All videos can be play in full screen in highest quality. What you see here is playing in browser mode not full screen.

Real Photo Snapshots Of The SizeGenetics Device

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Why Choose SizeGenetics System?

This simple answer is they are offering you the chance to purchase a true, proven and medically backed penis enlargement system that has endorsements from renowned  doctors internationally, consumer review sites and clients themselves so that you can 100% be assured that you are buying a system designed for effective and guarantee result. Do you remember the top #12 reasons why SizeGenetics System is the best? For the same price that others offer just the traction device, SizeGenetics System gives you:

  • 1 SizeGenetics traction device (the extender with the highest medical backings and clinical studies)

  • Supplemental device hardware (for free)!

  • Free membership to doctor endorsed, award-winning #1 Penis-Health exercise program to speed up your penis gain!

  • 6 months money back guarantee!

  • Award winning, 24 hour outstanding customer support!

  • Beautiful wood case and users manual!

  • Researched, tested and proven results!

  • And many more...

Confused? What Should I Do Now?

Give yourself a pat on the back for your patience and determination to keep working towards achieving the penis size you always wanted. By now, you know why SizeGenetics System is the best choice for you. The reason why you are here is because you want a bigger penis..

By taking action, you will enjoy immense benefits especially for the girl you love the most. Are you very sick and tired of feeling inadequate that you cannot provide 100% satisfaction to the girl you love totally? Are you sick and tired of having to feel embarrassed in the changing rooms when guys laughs at your size? Are you angry that your lack of confidence is affecting you during sexual intercourse? You and your partner only live once and so why not be the best that you can be and give her the best sex ever all the time? We are all men and so we can understand how you feel but the only way out is for you to take action. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Consider what it will cost you for not taking action? A nominal investment will provide potentially INCREDIBLE returns! The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. What are you waiting for? Take Action To Achieve it! 

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Individual Methods Take Months To Show Small Results. Combined, They Give You Exponential Gains!

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